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Searching for Pictures on Your iPhone

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

iOS 9 and 10 have one more feature to help you find a given photo among the thousands if not tens of thousands you’ve shot on your iPhone. You can search your entire photo library in the cloud. From the Photos app, tap the search icon, the one that resembles a magnifying glass.

Apple has kindly grouped some of your pictures into potentially helpful search categories: Nearby, Home, those taken from a specific time period or location, and Favorites, which are so designated each time you tap the aforementioned heart icon below a chosen image. Or just type a search term with the on-screen keyboard, perhaps the date or the time a photo was taken or the location where it was shot.

But the big breakthrough with iOS 10 comes with the capability to search pictures by what is in them: mountains, beaches, lakes, cats, whatever. The app won’t get it right every time — some dogs were mistaken for cats when the latter was searched for. But it gets it right enough of the time that you can’t help but be impressed.

You can also enlist Siri to help you search for specific photos. For example, ask your obedient voice assistant something along the lines of “show me all the pictures I took at the baby shower.”