New Maps Apps Features on the iPhone - dummies

New Maps Apps Features on the iPhone

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

iOS 11 introduced a pair of new features to the iPhone’s Maps app. The first is lane guidance, which indicates the optimal lane to be in when you approach a multilane interchange, as shown here.

As you approach a multilane interchange, the white arrow indicates that you should be in the far right lane.

The second, also shown in the figure, is speed limit information, which displays the current speed limit onscreen. Alas, it’s not available in all locations. If you don’t want to see speed limits onscreen, disable the feature in Settings → Maps →Driving & Navigation → Speed Limit.

Last (and mostly least), iOS 11’s Maps app introduces indoor maps of large public spaces such as airports and shopping malls. At this time, they’re few and far between, and not particularly useful, though they could be more plentiful by the time you read this.

You can still get route maps and driving directions to any location from any other location in a couple of ways.

If a marker is already on the screen, tap the bubble with the name of the location, and then tap the Directions button in the overlay to get directions to or from that location. The second method applies to search results and items from lists:

  1. Search for a destination or tap one in your Favorites or Recents list.
  2. Tap the blue Directions button.An overlay slides up from the bottom of the screen with the details of your trip including To (the destination you typed or tapped), From (your current location), estimated trip duration, and a big green Go button. But, before you tap Go…
  3. If you need directions from someplace other than your current location, or you want to change your destination, tap My Location (as shown) and type a new destination in the To or From field or choose one from your Favorites or Recents list. 
    Maps offers three routing options to Black’s Barbecue.
  4. If you want to swap the From and To locations:
    1. Tap the arrows-in-a-circle to their right.
    2. When the From and To locations are correct, tap the Route button in the top-right corner of the screen. The route map appears.

      Weird but true: If you type the To location, you’ll have to tap the Route button to proceed, but if you select the To location (from your Recents list), you won’t see a Route button and thus won’t have to tap it before you proceed.

    3. If Maps suggests several routes, select one by tapping its light blue line or bubble. In the preceding figure, the 52-minute route is selected.
  5. Tap the Go button near the bottom of the screen to receive turn-by-turn driving directions, as shown here.
    Step-by-step driving directions to Black’s BBQ.
  6. To see the next step in the directions, swipe the instructions near the top of the screen from right to left; to see the preceding step, swipe from left to right.
  7. When you’re finished with the step-by-step directions, tap the big red End button near the bottom of the screen to return to the regular map screen.

Visual step-by-step directions work well, but you’ll also hear audible turn-by-turn directions similar to what you’d find on a dedicated GPS device. You know, where some friendly male or female voice states instructions such as “turn right on Main Street.” And while you’re using step-by-step directions, traffic information is automatically displayed on the map.