iPhone for Seniors: Exploring iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio provides virtually ad-free listening and the ability to create your own stations based on your musical tastes. After you create a station for yourself on your iPhone, you can edit it in several ways to get the perfect mix of music:

  1. Tap Music on the Home screen.

  2. Tap Radio to display the iTunes Radio offerings.

  3. In the My Stations section, tap Edit and then tap on one of your stations to edit it.


  4. In the Play More Like This settings for the station, tap the Add Artist, Song, or Genre button.


  5. Enter an artist, song, or genre in the field that appears and then tap an item in the results that you want to add to your station.

  6. If there is some kind of music you absolutely dont want to play on your station, tap the Add Artist, Song, or Genre in the Never Play This section.

  7. In the screen that appears, enter the name of the artist or song or the genre you don’t want included and tap the result that’s the best fit for what you want to avoid.

  8. Tap Done to finish the editing process.

Now you can open iTunes Radio and play your station any time you like. Create as many stations as you like to suit your different moods.