iPhone Accessories - dummies

iPhone Accessories

When you open your iPhone’s box, you’ll find several accessories that come with your new iPhone. These accessories include the iPhone’s stereo headset, dock, and USB power adapter, among other things.

  • Stereo headset: Used for music videos and, yes, phone calls. The headset contains a built-in microphone for making yourself heard during phone calls.

  • Dock connector–to–USB cable: Use this handy cable to sync or charge your iPhone. You can plug the USB connector into your PC or Macintosh to sync or plug it into the USB power adapter described next.

  • USB power adapter: Use this adapter to recharge your iPhone from a standard AC power outlet.

  • Some Apple logo decals: Of course.

  • Cleaning cloth: Expect the iPhone to get smudges on it. Use the cloth to wipe it clean.

  • Finger Tips pamphlet: You’ll find handy tips from Apple on using your new iPhone.

  • Important Product Information Guide pamphlet: You’ll find basic safety warnings, a bunch of legalese, warranty information, information on how to dispose of or recycle the iPhone. A few other pieces of advice: Don’t drop the iPhone if you can help it, keep the thing dry, and — as with all cell phones — give full attention to the road while driving.

  • SIM eject tool: Use this tool instead of a bent paper clip in the event you need to eject your SIM card. There’s even a handy diagram showing how to use the SIM eject tool inside the little black folder the tool is affixed to.