iPhone 4S Camera Basics - dummies

iPhone 4S Camera Basics

iPhone 4S has front- and back-facing cameras. You can use the cameras to take still photos or shoot videos. Take a quick look at your camera by tapping the Camera app icon on the Home screen. The app opens.


You can use the controls on the screen to

  • Switch between the front and rear cameras.

  • Change from still-camera to video-camera operation by using the Camera/Video slider.

  • Take a picture or start recording a video.

  • Turn on a grid to help you autofocus on still photo subjects.

  • Turn HDR (high dynamic range for better contrast) on or off.

  • Tap the Flash button to set flash to On, Off, or Auto.

  • Open previously captured images or videos.

When you view a photo or video, you can use an iPhone feature to send the image via a tweet or e-mail, print images, use a still photo as wallpaper or assign it to represent a contact, or run a slideshow or edit a video.