How to Zoom In on Web Pages on Your iPhone - dummies

How to Zoom In on Web Pages on Your iPhone

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

If you know how to open a web page on your iPhone, it is radically simple for you to zoom in on the pages so that you can read what you want to read and see what you want to see, without enlisting a magnifying glass.

Try these neat tricks:

1Double-tap the screen so that the portion of the text you want to read fills up the entire screen.

It takes just a second before the screen comes into focus. The figure shows two views of the same Sports Illustrated web page. In the first view, you see what the page looks like when you first open it. In the second one, you see how the picture takes over much more of the screen after you double-tap it. To return to the first view, double-tap the screen again.

2Pinch the page.

Sliding your thumb and index finger together and then spreading them apart (unpinching) also zooms in and out of a page. Again, wait just a moment for the screen to come into focus.

3Press down on a page and drag it in all directions, or flick through a page from top to bottom.

You’re panning and scrolling, baby.

4Rotate the iPhone to its side.

Watch what happens to the White House website. It reorients from portrait to a widescreen view. The keyboard is also wider, making it a little easier to enter a new URL.