How to View Your iPhone Health Data - dummies

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

The great thing about iPhone Health is having all your medical, fitness, and nutrition information in one place. The long-term idea is that you’ll be able to send this information to your doctor so if something spikes, help can be on the way faster than you can call 911.

The graphs help you gauge your progress toward your fitness or dietary goals. Place items you want to keep a more constant eye on in the Dashboard. Tap Dashboard on the Browse bar and you see graphs for each item for which you selected Show on Dashboard. Choose the time interval you want to view by tapping one of the tabs at the top.


One app that’s been with iPhone for several years is Nike + iPod, which works with special sensor-enhanced Nike shoes that sent information to your iPhone and was then viewable in the app. You can get the same Nike + iPod workout goodness, minus having to spend big bucks to buy the sensor and sneakers.

Head over to iPhone’s App Store and install the Nike+ Running app (free), which uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS feature to track your location, pace, and distance instead of relying on the Nike+ sensor and shoe combo. Although math was always Joe’s worst subject, the way he sees it, if E = mc2, then Nike+ = Nike + iPod – $100 = :-).