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How to View a Web Page on Your iPhone without Distractions

Reading an article or essay online is no picnic. This may be an even bigger problem when looking at tiny words on an iPhone screen. Aren’t the words small enough already?

The problem is the sheer amount of distraction on almost any web page: background colors or images that clash with the text; ads above, to the side of, and within the text; site features such as search boxes, feed links, and content lists; and those ubiquitous icons for sharing the article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on and on.


Fortunately, Safari helps to solve this problem by offering the Reader feature. Reader removes all those extraneous page distractions that just get in the way of your reading pleasure. So, instead of a cacophony of text, icons, and images, you see pure, simple, large-enough-to-be-easily-read text.

How do you arrive at this blissful state? By tapping the title bar at the top of the Safari screen and then tapping the Reader button, which appears on the left side of the address bar. Safari instantly transforms the page, and you see something similar to the page above, only in Reader version.