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How to Use Siri to Post on Twitter

You probably use your iPhone 4S to tweet and although Siri can’t offer direct help when it comes to posting your thoughts or actions to Twitter, there is a workaround that prevents you from having to pull out your iPhone 4S, launch Twitter app, and type in what you want your circle of friends or followers to know about at that particular time and location.

Ask Siri to tweet for you, and she’ll tell you, “I can’t send tweets for you. Sorry about that.” Ditto for Facebook.

Getting Twitter to work with Siri requires you to enable mobile updates by sending a short code to Twitter, adding that bit of code to your Contacts and then instructing Siri to send a message there.

Here’s the step-by-step instructions:

  1. From your iPhone 4S, text the word “start” to 40404 (U.S.) or 21212 (Canada).

    To get the codes for the other countries, go to the Twitter help menu and search for “How to find your Twitter short code or long code.”

    When you send this text, you’ll receive a confirmation text right away. If you’re already signed up with a Twitter account, you’ll be asked to reply with your username (for example, @marc_saltzman) and password. You’ll also get other instructions on taking advantage of Twitter’s text-to-tweet option.

    Follow the instructions to set up Twitter by SMS (text message).
    Follow the instructions to set up Twitter by SMS (text message).
  2. Type in your Twitter username and password.

    You’ll have to do this step only once.

    If you’re not yet on Twitter, you can sign up here by replying with the word “signup” and then following the instructions. Or do it on a personal computer.

  3. When you complete the process, add the short code given in Step 1 to your Contacts and rename the entry Twitter.

With your setup complete, feel free to send a tweet via Siri, as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Home button.

    You’ll hear a chime to confirm you’re ready to speak aloud.

  2. Say, “Send a message to Twitter,” followed by the tweet.

    Post your tweet.
    Post your tweet.

    Remember, it can’t be too long, as you have only 140 characters to play with!

  3. Check your iPhone 4S screen (or your computer) to see the message posted to your Twitter account.

    Cool. It will say it was updated via txt.

    Your work is done here. Why type when you can talk?