How to Use an iPhone’s Voice Control or Siri for Music Playback - dummies

How to Use an iPhone’s Voice Control or Siri for Music Playback

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Voice Control and Siri are great on an iPhone, especially when used along with the headset for an almost hands-free command center. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. If you find that Voice Control or Siri misunderstands you, try moving to an area with less ambient noise.

If there are still problems, turn your iPhone off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. To control playback with Voice Control or Siri:

  1. Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and you hear a beep or Siri asks how she can help you.

    If you’re wearing the headset, press and hold the center button until you hear the beep, and then speak the commands.

  2. Say one of the following commands:

    • “Play” or “Play Music” or “Play Station”

    • “Pause” or “Pause Music”

    • “Next Song” or “Previous Song”

    • “Play album/artist/playlist,” and then say the name of the album, artist, or playlist you want to hear

    • “Shuffle” to shuffle the playlist or album that’s playing

    • “Genius” or “Play more like this” or “Play more songs like this” to create a Genius playlist

    • Ask “What’s playing?,” “What song is this?,” “Who sings this song?,” or “Who is this song by?” to hear information about the song you’re listening to

    • “Cancel” or “Stop” to pause the song that’s playing

Siri works when you have either a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. When these are unavailable, you can turn Siri off in Settings and use Voice Control to command the Music app.

You can use Clock’s Timer feature to set Music to play for a certain amount of time and you can choose a song as your alarm in Clock’s Alarm feature.