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How to Tether Your iPhone or Make a Personal Hotspot

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

When another device uses your iPhone’s Internet connection to connect to the Internet, that’s called tethering. Tethering essentially turns your iPhone into a miniature Wi-Fi router that broadcasts a signal that you or a few others can tap into with your notebook computer, your iPad, or most any other Wi-Fi enabled gadget.

A Wi-Fi network you can connect to is typically referred to as a hotspot and on your iPhone, this feature is called Personal Hotspot. You can also connect your computer to iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature using a USB cable, rather than connect using Wi-Fi.

To use iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature, you must pay your cellular service provider a separate fee in addition to your existing cellular service plan. Contact your provider for details. Personal Hotspot also quickly consumes the battery charge.

To share an Internet connection using your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings on the Home screen.

    Choose Personal Hotspot.

    Tap On.

    Take note of the Wi-Fi Password given on the Personal Hotspot screen.

    If Bluetooth is turned off, a notification appears asking if you want to turn Bluetooth on or use Personal Hotspot only with Wi-Fi and USB. Although you can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB are recommended because a Bluetooth connection is painfully slow.

  2. Choose one of the options below to connect:

    • To connect a computer using the Personal Hotspot feature’s direct cable option, connect iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.

      In Network preferences, choose iPhone. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure the connection if this is the first time.

    • To connect a computer or other device (such as an iPad, another iPhone, or an iPod touch) using that device’s built-in Wi-Fi feature, choose your iPhone from the list of Wi-Fi networks that appears on the device.

      Type the Wi-Fi password shown in the Personal Hotspot settings.

  3. A blue band appears at the top of your iPhone screen whenever a device is connected.