How to Sync Podcasts, E-books, and iTunes U Content with Your iPhone 4S

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

With your iPhone 4S, you can sync podcasts, educational content from iTunes U, and two types of books — e-books for reading and audiobooks for listening:

  • Podcasts: Select the Sync Podcasts check box in the Podcasts pane. Then you can automatically include however many podcasts you want by making selections from the two pop-up menus:


    If you have podcast episodes on playlists, you can include them by selecting the appropriate check box in the Include Episodes from Playlists section.

  • iTunes U: First select the Sync iTunes U check box to enable iTunes U syncing. Then choose how many episodes to include and whether you want all collections or only selected collections from the two pop-up menus. If you want to also include individual items or items on playlists, select the appropriate check boxes in the Items section and Include Items from Playlists section of the iTunes U pane.

  • E-books and audiobooks: By now you know the drill: You can sync all your e-books or audiobooks or just sync selected titles by choosing the appropriate buttons and check boxes in the Books pane.

    To sync e-books, you need the free iBooks app from the App Store.