How to Sync iPhone Voice Memos with iTunes - dummies

How to Sync iPhone Voice Memos with iTunes

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Deleting a voice memo instantly erases the voice memo from your iPhone. However, if you sync voice memos with iTunes, copies of your recorded voice memos are stored on your computer even if you later decide to delete those synced voice memos from your iPhone.

You probably want, or need, to keep some audio files but don’t have to keep them on your iPhone, where they consume storage space you’d rather free up. Sync any voice memos you want to keep with iTunes on your computer, and those voice memos remain safe and sound, so to speak, until you want (or need) to hear them again.

Let’s take a moment to at least mention a few points relative to syncing your voice memos with iTunes:

  • iTunes automatically creates a playlist named — drum roll, please — Voice Memos on your computer, and that’s where you can track down new, not-so-new, and downright ancient voice memos you recorded and synced with iTunes syncs.

  • Voice memos you delete from your iPhone remain safely backed up in your iTunes library.

  • If you delete a voice memo from iTunes that you have saved on your iPhone, that voice memo will be deleted from your iPhone the next time you sync with iTunes.

You can also email the voice memo to yourself and avoid iTunes syncing altogether.