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How to Specify Keyboard Settings on Your iPhone

You can customize your iPhone keyboard settings to suit yourself. By accessing the iPhone’s Keyboard Settings screen (tap Settings→General→Keyboard), you can adjust a variety of settings related to how your iPhone keyboard works:


  • Autocapitalization: The iPhone turns this setting on by default. The first letter of the first word you type after ending the preceding sentence with a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point is capitalized.

  • Cap Locks: If this setting is enabled, all letters are uppercased LIKE THIS if you double-tap the Shift key. (The Shift key is the one with the arrow pointing north.)

  • . (the period): This keyboard setting inserts a period followed by a space when you double-tap the Space key.

  • Auto-Correction: Turn on or off the keyboard’s autocorrection smarts by sliding this toggle switch on or off.

If you access the International Settings screen by tapping Settings→General→International, you can choose to use an international keyboard, which affects a number of iPhone features:


  • The language that you type (a custom virtual keyboard)

  • The language in which the iPhone displays text

  • The language in which it speaks through Voice Control

Heck, you can even select a different region format (from among numerous countries) and a different calendar type, among Gregorian, Japanese, Buddhist, and Republic of China.