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How to Rename and Trim Voice Memos on Your iPhone 4

A bunch of third-party apps add voice recording to the iPhone, so you can create and play around with voice memos. Some of these iPhone voice-memo apps include Recorder from Retronyms, Dictation from Dragon, and iTalk Recorder from Griffin.

When you tap the Voice Memos icon on the Home screen, up pops a microphone image. Don’t bother talking right into that microphone — the two real microphones on the iPhone 4 are on the top and bottom of the device.


To access your voice memos, tap the button to the right of the audio meter. This brings up the Voice Memos screen, where you can listen to and alter your voice memos.


Adding a label to a recording

When a memo is added to your list of recordings, it just shows up with the date and time of the recording. You see no other identifier. As memos accumulate, you may have a tough time remembering which recording was made for which purpose. You can label a recording with one of the labels Apple has supplied or, better, create a custom label:

  1. From the list of recordings, tap the right-pointing arrow for the memo to which you want to add a label.

    The Voice Memo information screen appears.

  2. Tap the right-pointing arrow in the box that shows the date and time, and the length of the video you just recorded.

  3. Select a label from the list that appears.

    Your choices are None, Podcast, Interview, Lecture, Idea, Meeting, Memo, and Custom.

  4. Choose Custom to type your own label (Professor Snookins on Biology, for example).

    That’s it. Your recording is duly identified.

Trimming recordings

Fortunately, if the person who left the recording rambled on and on, you can trim the audio directly on the iPhone:

  1. Tap the right-pointing arrow next to the memo you want to trim, and then tap Trim Memo.

    A narrow, blue tube representing the recording appears inside a yellow bar.

  2. Drag the edges of this audio region to adjust the start and end points of the memo.


    You can preview your edit before tapping the Trim Voice Memo button by tapping the little play button.

  3. Tap Trim Voice Memo after you have the memo trimmed the way you want it.

    Your edits are permanent. Make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your cuts before tapping Trim Voice Memo.