How to Organize Apps on Your iPhone - dummies

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Your iPhone comes with the included apps displayed on the first two Home screens. You may want to rearrange the apps so that the ones you use most frequently are at the top of the Home screen, you may want to group similar apps in a folder, or you may want to change the apps that are in the dock.

As you add new apps, you’ll want to arrange them in a way that makes sense to you. You can move apps around on your iPhone and from iTunes.

To organize apps from your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold any app button on your Home screen.

    This part is fun, especially if you’re new to iPhone. Try it — we’ll wait.

  2. Any of the apps that have circled Xs on the upper left corner can be deleted. To delete an app, just tap the circled X.

    A message opens asking if you really want to delete that app. Tap the appropriate button: Delete, if you want to delete that app, or Cancel, if you tapped the circled X by mistake.

    Don’t worry — if you delete an app by mistake, the App Store maintains a copy of all your apps, free or purchased, so you can reinstall it but you could lose data or documents created with the app if they aren’t backed up to your computer or iCloud.


    The Apple apps that came with your iPhone can’t be deleted although you can place ones you don’t use in a folder so they’re out of sight and some of them may be hidden by turning on.

  3. Touch and drag the app buttons around to arrange them in a way you like, even from one Home screen to another.

    The Photos app button is being moved in this example.


  4. To change the four apps that are in the dock, you first have to drag one out, and then you can replace it with another app.

    You don’t have to have four apps in the dock. If you prefer three or two or none, you can move the buttons out of the dock onto a Home screen. Or you can place up to four folders on the dock instead of single apps.