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How to Manage iPhone Messages with iOS 8

When a message is on your screen, you can do many tasks in addition to reading it. The iPhone gives you several different options to make this message management quick and easy.


By tapping the icons, you can perform the following actions:

  • View the next message.

  • View the preceding message.

  • Flag the message to denote its importance, move it to junk, mark it as unread, or get notified when anyone replies to the email thread.

  • File this message in another folder. When the list of folders appears, tap the folder where you want to file the message

  • Delete this message. You have to dig in the trash to retrieve the message if you tap the delete message icon by mistake. Go to Mail Settings if you want the iPhone to ask you before deleting, or trashing, a message. In some instances you can archive mail instead of deleting it.

  • Reply, reply all, forward, or print this message.

  • Create a new email message.

You can delete email messages without opening them.


Delete your messages in a few ways:

  • Swipe left about halfway across the message, and then tap the red Trash button that appears to the right of the message, adjacent to the yellow Flag and gray More buttons. If you swipe all the way to the left instead by keeping your finger pressed against the screen, you’ll trash the message immediately. Be careful if that was not your intention.

    Oh, and if you swipe in the other direction (yes, to the right), you can mark a message as unread. In some email accounts, notably Google’s Gmail, an Archive button may appear instead of Trash, depending on whether you turned on Archive Messages in Settings. In that case, tap the Archive button to archive the message; it is not deleted.

  • Tap the Edit button, and then tap the little circle to the left of each message you want to remove. Tapping that circle puts a check mark in it and highlights in blue the Trash button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that Trash button to erase all messages you selected. Deleted messages are moved to the Trash folder.

  • Trash the message (or mark it as read) inside an interactive notification that appears regardless of the screen you’re viewing. The advantage to this method is you don’t have to leave the screen to delete the message. Just tap the Trash button in the notification.

  • Another fresh trick arrived with iOS 8. When you’ve opened a message to read it, drag the entire message from the left edge of the screen toward the right. Upon doing so, you can sneak a peek at the messages in your inbox.