How to Make Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone - dummies

How to Make Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

You can assign different ringtones and vibrations to your contacts so you know who’s calling — even when your iPhone is out of sight — just by the ringtone you hear. And your iPhone comes with a vast selection of classic and new ringtones. You can go one step further and create custom ringtones to use as the sound for all incoming calls or for specific contacts. Here’s how to use Garage Band — a free download for new iPhone owners — to create custom ringtones:

  1. Tap GarageBand on the Home screen.

  2. Tap your instrument of choice.

    This example uses Keyboard.


  3. Tap the red Record button.

    Make sure it’s highlighted red and the beats marker is also highlighted in red, as shown in the following figure; otherwise, you aren’t recording.


  4. Tap out your musical creation — or sing or speak if you chose Audio Recorder as your instrument of choice.

  5. Tap the square Stop button when you finish.

    A ringtone can’t be more than 30 seconds.

  6. Tap the disclosure triangle in the upper left corner (refer to the previous figure).

  7. Tap My Songs, and your recording is saved.

  8. Tap Select in the upper right corner, and then tap the song you want to use as a ringtone, as shown in the following figure.


  9. Tap the Ringtone button on the Share sheet.

    The Export Ringtone screen opens, as shown in this figure


  10. Tap the My Song field, and then tap the X on the right side of the field to erase the default name.

  11. Type a name for your ringtone, and then tap Done.

  12. Tap the Export button in the upper right corner.

    After your song is exported as a ringtone, the following dialog opens to confirm the export.


  13. Tap Use Sound As and choose from the choices that appear as shown in this figure.


  14. Tap Standard Ringtone or Standard Text Tone to save it as the ringtone or text tone that you will hear whenever you have an incoming call or text message.

    Tap Assign to contact to use the ringtone for a specific person or company, in which case Contacts opens and you tap the person or company you want to assign the ringtone to.

  15. Either way, you find the ringtone in the list of Ringtones when you view Settings→Sounds→Ringtones.