How to Make a Call with Your iPhone 4S - dummies

How to Make a Call with Your iPhone 4S

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

With everything else you can do with your iPhone 4S, you may forget that you can actually make calls. To call someone, start by tapping the Phone icon on the Home screen. Choose your method by tapping one of the icons that show up at the bottom of the screen.

With your iPhone 4S you can also use the aptly named Voice Control feature to dial a name or phone number by voice or ask Siri to voice-dial.

Making a call on your iPhone 4S through your Contacts

To start a call from your Contacts, tap the Contacts icon in the Phone app. (Contacts hangs out in the Utilities folder as well and also defaults to the second Home screen page.) From Contacts:

  1. Flick your finger so the list of contacts on the screen scrolls rapidly up or down.

    Alternatively, you can move your fingers along the alphabet on the right edge of the Contacts list or tap one of the letters to jump to names that begin with that letter, easier said than done given how tiny those letters are.

    You can find a list of potential matches also by starting to type the name of a contact in the search field near the top of the list. Or type the name of the place your contact works. You may have to flick to get the search field into view. Another way to find people is by using Spotlight.

  2. When you’re at or near the appropriate contact name, stop the scrolling by tapping the screen.

    Note that when you tap to stop the scrolling, that tap doesn’t select an item in the list. Tap the status bar or the tiny magnifying glass on the upper-right corner to automatically scroll to the top of the list and bring the search field into view.

  3. Tap the name of the person you want to call.

    You see a bunch of fields with the individual’s phone numbers, physical and e-mail addresses, and possibly even a mug shot, as shown in the following figure. You may have to scroll down to see more contact info.


  4. Tap the phone number, and the iPhone initiates the call.

Your own iPhone phone number, lest you forget it, appears at the top of the Contacts list, provided you arrived in Contacts through the Phone app.

Making a call on your iPhone 4S through your Favorites

You can keep a list of the people and numbers you dial most often in your Favorites — it’s the iPhone equivalent of speed-dialing. Merely tap the person’s name in Favorites, and your iPhone calls the person.

You can set up as many favorites as you need for a person. So, for example, you may create separate Favorites listings for your spouse’s office phone number, cell number, and FaceTime entry.

Making a call on your iPhone 4S through your Recents

Tapping the Recents icon displays the iPhone call log. The Recents feature houses logs of all the, well, recent calls you made or received, as well as calls you missed.

Here’s a tricky concept: Tap All to show all the recent calls and Missed to show just those you missed. Under the All list, completed calls and missed calls that have been returned by tapping the red entry are shown in black, and missed calls that haven’t been returned in this fashion are in red, along with a descriptor of the phone you were calling or received a call from (home, mobile, and so on).

By tapping the small blue circle with the right-pointing arrow next to an item in the list, you can find out the time calls were made or missed, as well as any known info about the caller from your Contacts information.

To return a call, just tap anywhere on the name.

Making a call on your iPhone 4S using the keypad

From time to time you have to dial the number of a person or company who hasn’t earned a spot in your Contacts. Or you need to access a keypad to navigate a voicemail system. That’s when you’ll want to tap the Keypad icon to bring up the large keys of the virtual touchtone keypad:


Just tap the appropriate keys and tap Call.

To add this number to your address book, tap the + silhouette key (that’s a plus sign and the silhouette of a person) on the keypad and tap either Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.