How to Hand Off Calls on the iPhone - dummies

How to Hand Off Calls on the iPhone

It isn’t a surprise that iOS 8 for the iPhone and iPad makes nice with OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest operating system for the Mac. Apple, not unlike its rivals in the tech community, wants you to buy into its own ecosystem for hardware and software. Now you can use an iPad or a Mac to make or answer a call that originated from or was received on an iPhone.

The only caveat is that the devices must all be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you’re sitting in front of a Mac or an iPad, you’ll see the name, phone number, and profile picture of a person calling your iPhone, which let’s presume for the moment is buried in a bag or charging in another room.

From the Mac or iPad, click (or swipe) the notification of the call to answer or reject the call.

To make a call from your Mac or iPad, click or tap a phone number in the Contacts, Calendar, or Safari app. No other setup is required. It is as simple as that. Make sure the Handoff switch is turned on in Settings under Handoff & Suggested Apps.