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How to Get a Weather Report from Siri

As long as you have your iPhone 4S handy and a voice to ask Siri a few questions, you can get a quickie weather forecast right on the spot. Siri can fill you in on the weather — not just today but in the near future, too. And not just in your local area but in another city altogether! A simple question to Siri can yield the answers you seek. But of course, that doesn’t mean that the answers will always be accurate (neither is your favorite TV weatherperson):

  1. Press and hold the Home button.

    You’ll hear the familiar Siri chime, which means you can begin talking.

  2. Ask Siri what the weather’s like.


    Siri shows you the current weather for your city within a couple of seconds. (Notice you also get a weeklong forecast!)

    Because the iPhone 4S is location-aware (thanks to its GPS chip), you don’t need to tell Siri what city you’re in.

Because Siri is context-sensitive, you can ask for the weather in different ways and you’ll likely get the response you seek. You might ask if it’s cold outside. Or ask Siri to tell you the temperature.

Ask Siri if you need an umbrella (or say, “raincoat” and you might get a “yes”).

Okay, so say you want to know what the weather’s like in another city — perhaps you’re planning a trip there — and it’s still a few days away? No worries, as Siri can give you the local weather forecast and weather for multiple places around the globe (up to five days in the future).

Here are some other examples of what you can ask Siri, when it comes to the weather:

  • “How’s the weather in Minneapolis right now?”

  • “How hot will it be in Bangkok this weekend?”

  • “What’s the projected high for Montreal tomorrow?”

  • “What’s the forecast for tonight?”

  • “Check the forecast for Washington, D.C., this week.”

  • “How windy is it outside?”

  • “When is the sunrise tomorrow in Acapulco?

  • “Will it rain in Dallas this week?”

  • “Do I need a jacket tonight?”