How to Fine-Tune Text and Images in Pages on an iPhone - dummies

How to Fine-Tune Text and Images in Pages on an iPhone

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Templates make creating documents on your iPhone quick and easy because the creative legwork is done for you, you need only supply content. You might find you want to tweak some of the elements of your document, however. Tap the text or image you want to fine-tune, and then tap the Format button (the paintbrush). These are the options you have:

  • Text: Three tabs let you alter the Style of the typeface and paragraph; scroll down to see the paragraph styles associated with the templete.

    The List tab defines how bulleted or numbered lists are formatted, and the Layout tab lets you change the number of columns and increase or decrease the line spacing. Tap each tab and then play with the options. You see the changes immediately in the document. Tap on the document and then tap Undo or shake your iPhone and tap Undo if you don’t like how it looks.


  • Image: Here, the Style tab offers frames, borders, and shadow effects. Tap the Image button to edit or reset the original cropping (called a Mask) or use the Instant Alpha effect, which, when selected, makes areas of the same color that you drag your finger across transparent.

    Instant Alpha makes parts of your image stand out and works best when you have two or more contrasting colors. You can also tap Replace to choose a different image to substitute the existing one.

    The third tab, Arrange, lets you flip the image horizontally or vertically and also moves it backward or forward in relation to other elements on the page. This is helpful when you layer several images or elements and one is larger than the other. The larger one should be moved backward so the smaller one can be seen on top.

Tap the triangle to the right of the tabs to exit the Format screen without making changes.