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How to Find Businesses and Services with Siri

With an iPhone 4S, Siri can help you find establishments around your hometown or even in another city. For example, you can find a restaurant not just by name but also by type of food you’re looking for. You can ask Siri to find a good place to eat based on what you’re in the mood for. You’ll see relevant restaurants listed by type of cuisine, proximity, and rating (thanks to the awesome Yelp service).

Here’s an example of what you can do. And keep in mind that this is a great way to show off the power of Siri to friends, family, and colleagues!

  1. Press and hold the Home button.

    You’ll hear the familiar Siri chime, which means you can ask her to find a restaurant.

  2. Instruct Siri where you to want to go or what type of food you feel like eating.


    For example, tell Siri something like, “Find a good steak house near me,” “Show me the best Italian food in New York,” or “I’m in the mood for Indian cuisine.”

    Siri shows you relevant results within a couple of seconds.


  3. Peruse the listings and tap the one that interests you the most.

    After you tap a desired restaurant, Siri opens up the Maps application to show you where it is. You’ll see the name of the restaurant clearly on the map; tap it for more detail, such as the exact address or phone number. Or, if you like, choose to add the address to Contacts or to Map Bookmarks, or get directions to the place from where you are.

Remember, you can ask for a food or drink category (for example, “Find coffee near me”) or be more specific (“Where is Starbucks?”). You can also ask Siri to search in different ways; Siri is amazingly versatile, so you can use language that’s comfortable to you. You can even try slang like, “Show me the best burger joints in Atlanta.”

Siri’s navigation and local business searches aren’t available yet in Canada. Apple hasn’t committed to a date, but many iPhone 4S users in the Great White North are hoping for support sooner than later. However, you can get directions to most anywhere if the destination address is in the U.S.

Siri’s local searches aren’t limited to only restaurants. The following are a few other things you can ask or tell Siri, and you’ll get a list of options, with navigation support:

  • “Find the nearest gas station.” Driving on fumes? You can see a list of nearby stations to fill up your vehicle with fuel.

  • “Where is an ATM machine that’s within walking distance?” Get turn-by-turn, on-foot directions to the closest bank machine.

  • “Siri, I feel sick.” Your personal assistant shows you nearby clinics or hospitals.

  • “List the closest churches to me.” Need to get a quick prayer in? If you like, be more specific (for example, include the words, “Catholic church” or ask for a “mosque” or “synagogue”).

  • “What’s playing at the movies?” Siri brings up movie listings at nearby theaters.