How to Find a Song on Your iPhone by Artist

In your iPhone’s iPod app, you can find and play a song ordered by artist name. The iPhone allows you to search for an artist or browse to their listings by first letter of the artist’s or band’s name. To find an artist’s tunes,

  1. Tap the Artists icon at the bottom of the screen.


    An alphabetical list of artists appears.

  2. Tap the search field (which appears above the first artist’s name) and type the name of the artist you want to find.

    Alternatively, tap the magnifying glass that appears above the A on the right side of the screen to jump directly to the search field; then type the name.

  3. Tap the Search button

    A list of all matching artists appears.

    You can also tap one of the little letters on the right side of the screen to jump directly to artists whose names start with that letter. Those letters are extremely small, so unless you have tiny fingers, you may have to settle for a letter close to the one you want or else tap several times until you select the correct one.

  4. Tap an artist’s name.

    One of two things occurs:

    • If you have songs from more than one album: A list of albums appears. Tap an album to display a list of the songs it contains. Or tap the first item in the list of albums — All Songs — to see a list of all songs on all albums by that artist.


    • If all songs are on the same album or aren’t associated with a specific album: A list of all songs by that artist appears.

  5. Just tap a song, and it begins to play.