How to Find a Public Transportation Route with the iPhone Maps App - dummies

How to Find a Public Transportation Route with the iPhone Maps App

If you want to find out how to get somewhere by using public transportation, your iPhone Maps app can help. The Maps app can tell you not only what buses to take, but also how to walk to and from the appropriate bus stops.

1Tap the Directions button at the bottom of the map screen.

The Start and End fields appear at the top of the screen.

2Type the start and end points.

Alternatively, select them from your bookmarks, recent maps, or contacts, if you prefer. Weird but true: If you type the end location, you’ll have to tap the Route button before you can perform the next step; but if you select the end location from your Bookmarks, Contacts, or Recents list, the Route button doesn’t appear and thus doesn’t need to be tapped before you perform the next step.

3If you want to swap the starting and ending locations, tap the little swirly arrow button to the left of the Start and End fields.

Voilà — you’re beginning at the end and ending at the beginning.

4When the start and end locations are correct, tap the Route button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The route map appears. If you need to change the start or end location, tap the Edit button in the top-left corner and type a new start or end location in the appropriate field. The screen that appears has three icons near the top: a car, a bus, and a person walking. Directions by car is the default.

5For public transportation information, tap the bus icon.

The departure and arrival times for the next bus or train appear.

6Tap the little clock icon below the Start button to see additional departure and arrival times.

This icon appears at the top of the screen.

7Examine the full directions.

The step-by-step directions for public transportation routes explain where you need to walk to catch the bus or train, where you need to get off that bus or train, and where you have to walk from there to reach your destination.