How to Find a Business or Service with iPhone Maps - dummies

How to Find a Business or Service with iPhone Maps

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

You can blunder around the city looking for a place to eat until you stumble upon an appealing restaurant, or you can rely on iPhone Maps, which uses Yelp! to make suggestions for eateries and the like. Follow these steps to find sites and services quickly and easily:

  1. Open Maps from the Home screen.

  2. Tap the Tracking button to find something near your current location; otherwise.

    Otherwise, Maps searches for something near the last location you worked with.

  3. Tap the Search field at the top of the screen.

    The keyboard opens so you can type what you’re looking for, say, books or museums Prague.

  4. Type your criteria in the Search field.

    As you begin typing, Spotlight lists potential matches of locations (which have a red pin next to them) and words, which have a magnifying glass icon next to them.

  5. If your desired search word appears before you finish typing, you can tap that.

    If your search word doesn’t automatically appear, then finish typing and then tap the Search button in the bottom right corner.

    Red pins appear on the matches in your vicinity or in the city you specified.


  6. Tap one of the pins to see a flag with the name of the result.

    Or tap the List button at the bottom of the screen to see a list of names, addresses of all the results. Tap a result to see it on the map (or tap Done to return to the map).

  7. Tap the arrow on the right end of the flag in Map view or tap the Info button in List view to see information about the location.

    A Location screen opens that shows the distance of the location from your current location (determined by Location Services), along with information like the phone number and address of the selected site, the site’s web address, or a link to Yelp! When available, you’ll also see a Reviews and Photos button that give you reviews to read and photos to look at of the location.

    Tap the web page address to find out more about the location you found, such as the menu of a restaurant or special exhibits at a museum, or tap the phone number to call. (If you search for an eating establishment, Maps also integrates with the OpenTable app (free to download at the App Store) to make reservations.)

Scroll down the Location screen to find the Add Bookmark, Create New Contact, and Add to Existing Contact buttons to take those actions on the address you’ve found.


If you have an iPhone 4s or later, press and hold the Home button and ask Siri to find whatever you need for you.