How to Download Periodicals to Your iPhone 4S with Newsstand

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

You can easily download magazines and newspapers to your iPhone 4S with iOS 5’s new Newsstand. Don’t look for periodicals in the iBooks app’s iBookstore. The handy Newsstand icon on your Home screen is a special folder that gathers newspaper and magazine apps from participating publishers in a single convenient location.

To shop for periodicals on your computer, launch iTunes, click the App Store link near the top of the screen, and then select Newsstand from its drop-down menu.

On your iPhone, you can peruse periodicals in the Newsstand section of the App Store. Tap App Store, tap the Categories icon at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Newsstand. In addition, you can tap the Store button in the Newsstand icon on your Home screen to go to the App Store’s Newsstand section.

It’s too soon to tell how many publications will adopt the Newsstand paradigm, how many will choose custom apps or Zinio, and how many will do both. Stay tuned.