How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone 4S - dummies

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone 4S

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

With the iPhone 4S you finally have the ability to copy and paste text (or images) from one place to another. This right granted to every computer user took awhile to make it to the iPhone, but Apple has added Copy and Paste (and Cut) functions — and, in its own inimitable way, brought pizzazz to this long-requested feature. Apple also has provided another helpful remedy for correcting errors: a Replace pop-up option that appears when you double-tap a word.

The copy and paste features are easy to use:

  1. Double-tap a word you want to copy to select it. Or select a larger block of text by dragging the blue grab points or handles.


    You can use the handles to contract selected text too.

  2. Tap Copy to copy the text; If you want to delete the selected word or block of text, tap Cut instead.

  3. Open the program you want to move the text to and when you decide where to insert the text you just copied, tap the cursor.


    Up pop commands to Select, Select All, and Paste.

  4. Tap Paste to paste the text.


If you make a mistake while you’re cutting, pasting, replacing, or typing, shake the iPhone. It undoes the last edit. Or suppose that you notice a typo in what you’ve entered, like typing their instead of there. By tapping Replace, you can easily make a fix. After you tap, the iPhone serves up a few suggested replacement words. If the word you have in mind as a substitute is, um, there, tap it and the iPhone automatically makes the switch.