How to Create and Share Voice Memos on Your iPhone 4 - dummies

How to Create and Share Voice Memos on Your iPhone 4

A bunch of third-party apps add voice recording to the iPhone, so you can create and play around with voice memos. Some of these iPhone voice-memo apps include Recorder from Retronyms, Dictation from Dragon, and iTalk Recorder from Griffin.

Making a recording

When you tap the Voice Memos icon on the Home screen, up pops a microphone image. Don’t bother talking right into that microphone — the two real microphones on the iPhone 4 are on the top and bottom of the device.


Tap the red record button in the lower-left part of the screen to start recording. You see the needle in the audio level meter move as the Voice Memo detects sounds, even when you pause a recording by tapping the red button a second time. A clock at the top of the screen indicates how long your recording session is lasting. It’s that easy.

The audio meter can help you determine an ideal recording level. Apple recommends that the loudest level on the meter be between –3dB and 0dB. To adjust the recording level, simply move the microphone closer or farther from your mouth.

Listening to recordings

After you capture your thoughts or musings, you can start playback in a couple of ways, and both involve tapping the same button:

  • Immediately after recording the memo, tap the button to the right of the audio level meter. A list of all your recordings pops up in chronological order, with the most recent memo on top. It automatically starts to play.


  • If you haven’t just recorded something, tapping the button to the right summons the same list of all your recordings. However, nothing plays until you tap a recording in the list and then tap the little play button that appears to the left of the date and time that the recording was made (or, alternatively, to the left of the label you assigned to the recording).

When you have no further use for a recording, you can remove it from the Voice Memos app by tapping it in the list and then tapping the Delete button.

Sharing memos

You may want to share with others the good professor’s wacky theories. Tap Share from either the main Voice Memos list or the information screen. You then have the option to either e-mail the memo or (if your carrier permits it) send it as part of an MMS multimedia message.