How to Create a Pages Document on an iPhone - dummies

How to Create a Pages Document on an iPhone

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Pages can manage both word processing and page layout tasks on the iPhone, so before you create your document, you should think about which you need. After you create your document in one type of template, you can’t change over to another without a bunch of copying and pasting — yuck!

Pages makes it pretty easy to choose because the templates are divided by document type. Do the following to create a new document and start creating:

  1. Tap Pages on the Home screen.

  2. Tap the Create New icon in the upper left corner (it has a plus sign).

  3. Scroll through the template categories and choose one that most closely matches the type of document you want to create.

    You can also choose blank if you want to start from scratch and do everything yourself.

    Many third-party developers make templates for Pages and Keynote too. Search the App Store to see them

  4. Tap the template you want to use.

    Your chosen template appears on the screen.

  5. Tap the placeholder text and begin typing your own words.

    This is a situation where a Bluetooth keyboard would come in handy.

    Because this is a report, even if the text goes beyond the placeholder space, it flows onto successive pages.

  6. Tap the Add Image button (the plus sign) on the first placeholder image.

    Your Photos library opens. Tap through the Camera Roll and your other libraries and albums to find the photo you want to insert.

    If you have a lot of photos in Photos, it helps to go through and flag those you might want to use beforehand or even put them all in an album so you can quickly find the one’s you want to place in your document.

  7. Tap the image you want to insert.

    It shows up in your Pages document, replacing the placeholder text. You can drag it around or resize it if you want but that may cause some of the other parts of the document to shift around.

  8. Double-tap the image to bring up a slider so you can scale, pan, and crop the photo. Tap Done when you’re happy with the size and position.


  9. Repeat Steps 5 through 9 until your document is complete.