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How to Create a Custom Ebook Cover for iTunes Books

If you’ve obtained any free books from the iBookstore, or if you’ve downloaded public-domain books to iTunes, you’ll no doubt have noticed that many (or, really, most) of these books use generic covers. That’s no big deal for a book or two, but it can get monotonous if you have many such books in your iBooks library (as well as making it hard to find the book you want).

To work around this, you can create custom book covers from your own photos. Your first task is to convert a photo (or any image) to something that’s usable as a book cover. This involves loading the image into your favorite image-editing program and then doing three things:

  • Crop the image so that it’s 420 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall.

  • Use the text tool in the image-editing program to add the book title to the image.

  • Save the image as a JPEG file. If the image is already a JPEG, be sure to save it under a different name so you don’t overwrite the original file.

Creating a custom ebook cover works only if you’re using a version of iTunes that supports ebooks. If you are using OS X Mavericks, ebooks are handled by the new iBooks application, which doesn’t support custom ebook covers.

Now you’re ready to use the new image as a book cover, which you do by importing the cover image into iTunes on your computer:

  1. In iTunes, click the Books category.

    iTunes displays your ebooks.

  2. Right-click the book you want to customize, and then click Get Info.

    iTunes displays the book’s Info dialog.

  3. Click the Artwork tab.

    This tab includes a large box for the book cover image.

  4. Use Finder (on a Mac) or Explorer (on a Windows PC) to locate the new cover image.

    On a Mac, you can also locate the image in iPhoto.

  5. Click the new image and drop it inside the large box in the Artwork tab.

  6. Click OK.

    iTunes applies the new image as the book’s cover.