How to Connect an iPhone to a Monitor or TV - dummies

How to Connect an iPhone to a Monitor or TV

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Your iPhone, especially if you have a version with 32 or 64 gigabytes of memory, is a portable video warehouse, and iPhone 5 and later versions have a larger screen and Retina display that make watching a pleasure. Nonetheless, watching a documentary about the Himalayas on your iPhone really can’t match the thrill of sweeping views that a large-screen monitor or television offers.

You can watch the movies and television shows — slide shows of photos, too — that are stored on your iPhone, on your iPhone, or you can connect your iPhone to a television or monitor and enjoy them on a bigger screen.

To attach your iPhone to a television, monitor, or projector, you need one of the following cables:

  • Lightning Digital AV Adapter (iPhone 5 or later) or Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter (iPhone 4s): Use this adapter to connect your iPhone to an HDMI cable (sold separately) connected to your HDTV, video projection screen, or other HDMI-compatible device.

  • Lightning to VGA Adapter (iPhone 5 or later) or Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapter (iPhone4s or 4): This adapter, along with a VGA cable (sold separately) connects your iPhone to your VGA TV, projector, or monitor.

  • Apple Composite AV Cable (iPhone 4s or earlier): This connects to your iPhone dock at one end and your television’s composite port on the other. Older televisions usually have composite connections.

To play your movie or television show:

  1. Connect the cable to both your iPhone and your television or monitor.

  2. On your television, select the input device.

    Refer to the instruction booklet for your television if you don’t know how to do this.

  3. Play the video from Videos as you normally would on your iPhone.

    You see the images on your television.