How to Change a Siri Calendar Entry - dummies

How to Change a Siri Calendar Entry

With Siri and your iPhone 4S, you can do more than just create a new appointment. You can also use Siri to review and change calendar appointments. The following are a few examples of what you can say to Siri to change or cancel appointments when you’re on the run. It’ll be much faster than doing these tasks yourself!

To minimize redundancy, be sure to take advantage of Apple’s iCloud service, which wirelessly synchronizes all your information and content between multiple devices (up to 5GB for free). Your calendar entries automatically sync with your personal computer or other iOS device (such as an iPad or iPod touch). When you add or edit an entry on your iPhone 4S, tablet, or computer, all devices are updated over the Internet. To set up calendar entries with iCloud, go to Settings on your iPhone, tap iCloud, and swipe to turn on Calendars (underneath Contacts).

  • Change an appointment: You can instruct Siri to do this for you. For example, tell Siri, “Move my 3:30 p.m. meeting to 4:30 p.m.” You can also say, “Reschedule my appointment at 3:30 p.m. to next Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.”


  • Cancel a calendar appointment: Tell Siri something like, “Cancel my 12 p.m. lunch meeting with Julie.” Or if you want to feel important like those rich CEOs in the movies, you can even say something like, “Cancel my 1 o’clock!,” and Siri will ask you if you want to cancel the calendar appointment for that time. Have your people call my people.

  • Add someone to an existing calendar appointment: For example, tell Siri, “Add Mary Smith to my meeting at 3:30 p.m.”


You can use Siri even when your iPhone 4S is locked, but only if you want to. That is, by default, you can pull your phone right out of your jacket pocket or purse and press and hold the Home button to give Siri some instructions. This can save you a step as you need not unlock the phone first. But if you prefer, you can turn off this feature in the Passcode Lock settings (tap Settings→General→Passcode Lock→Siri).

After Siri shows you the confirmed calendar appointment, you can tap the entry and it’ll open up the Calendar app for you to add or edit details, if desired. Or maybe someone walked into the room and you’d rather type discreetly than talk out loud. Simply tap the Edit button, and you can make all kinds of alterations, including when the meeting starts and ends, the time zone, alerts and repeats, related websites, and notes. You can also delete the event from here, too. Just be aware you can edit your spoken calendar entry with typed words, if you like.