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How to Browse YouTube Videos from Your iPhone

Apple has afforded YouTube its own cherished icon on the iPhone Home screen. Many millions of videos are available on the iPhone — nearly the complete YouTube catalog. So where exactly do YouTubers find the videos that will offer them a blissful respite from their day? By tapping any of the buttons parked at the bottom of the YouTube screen:

  • Featured: Videos recommended by YouTube’s own staffers.


  • Most Viewed: What the YouTube community is watching. After tapping Most Viewed, tap All to see the most watched YouTube videos of all time. Tap Today or This Week to check out the videos most currently in vogue.

  • Search: Tap the Search icon, and then tap the blank YouTube search field at the top of the screen. Up pops one of the iPhone’s virtual keyboards. Type a search phrase and then tap the Search button to generate results. (This figure shows a search for Steve Jobs.)


  • Favorites: After stumbling on a video you like, add it to your Favorites by tapping the Favorites control. You can log into your YouTube account with your username and password to save and sync these favorites.

  • More: Tapping More leads to more buttons or icons:

    • Most Recent: Newly submitted videos.

    • Top Rated: The people’s choice. YouTube’s audience chooses the best.

    • History: Videos you recently viewed.

    • My Videos: The place for videos you star in.

    • Subscriptions: YouTube channels you subscribe to.

    • Playlists: Videos categorized into playlists.

Only four YouTube icons (besides the More button) appear at the bottom of the screen at any one time. If you’d prefer a different icon than one of the four shown, you can make it one of your Fab Four icons:

  1. Tap More→Edit.

  2. Drag your preferred icon over the one you want to relegate to the YouTube bench.

    You can also rearrange the icons by dragging them left or right.

While the movie you’ve selected is downloading — and how fast it arrives depends on your network coverage from AT&T or Wi-Fi — you see a black-and-gray screen with video controls and the YouTube logo. The controls disappear when the movie starts playing.