How to Add, Remove, and Reorganize Cities in iPhone Weather

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

Brought to you by Yahoo! and The Weather Channel, iPhone’s Weather app is updated hourly and gives you the current temperature and conditions and a five-day forecast for cities across the country and around the world.

Weather uses Location Services to provide the forecast for your current location, but you may want to add other cities and locales too. You can add the cities you’ll be going to and then quickly flip through each day to see whether to expect sunny skies in your upcoming stop. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap Weather on the Home screen.

  2. Tap the List button in the bottom right corner.


  3. Tap the F or C button if you want to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.

  4. Tap the plus sign to add locations where you want to track the weather.

    A screen opens with a search field and keyboard.

  5. Type in the name, ZIP code, or airport code of the city or town you want to add.

    A list opens with possible matches.

  6. Tap the name of the city you want to add.

    The city now appears in your list.

To delete a city from your list:

  1. Tap Weather on the Home screen.

  2. Tap the List button in the bottom right corner.

  3. Swipe left across the city you want to delete.

    A Delete button appears to the right of the name.

  4. Tap the Delete button.

    The city disappears from the list.

    If you swiped by mistake, tap anywhere but the Delete button to cancel.

  5. Tap a city in the list to return to the weather screen.

To rearrange the order of the cities in the list, which in turn affects the order they’re displayed on the weather screen, touch and hold a city, and then drag it to the position you want on the list. Drag the names of the cities around until they are in the order you like.