How to Add Design Elements in iPhone's Pages - dummies

How to Add Design Elements in iPhone’s Pages

By Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

You can copy and paste elements and objects from other apps on your iPhone to Pages, for example a chart you create in Numbers, or you can create the chart directly in Pages. The charts, tables, shapes, and text styles are in keeping with the style of the template you are working in, although you can edit them as just explained for text and images.

Follow these steps to use the design elements in Pages:

  1. Tap the Add Element button (the plus sign).


  2. Tap the tab for the type of element you want to add:

    Media inserts photos, movies, and audio from the Photos and Music apps. Tap the type of media you want to insert and then scroll through the apps’ libraries to find the piece you want.

    Tables offers a selection of table styles in color schemes that coordinate with the template theme you chose.

    Charts takes data from a table and displays it as a graph or pie chart, 2D, 3D, or interactive. After you insert a chart, follow the onscreen instructions to select the data it will represent. As with Tables, the color scheme coordinates with the template theme.

    Shapes gives you a choice of simple line drawings that can be combined with text boxes to liven up your spreadsheet or highlight a specific point.

    Text inserts a text box where you can type parenthetical information or lists. The text box grows to accommodate the text but you can change the size and shape with the resizing handles.

  3. Tap the element style you want to insert, such as a photo, a pie chart, or an arrow.

    The element appears on your sheet.

    Tap the triangle on the right end of the tabs to leave this area without adding anything.

  4. Tap the element and then do one or more of the following:

    • Drag the resizing handles to shrink or enlarge the inserted element.

    • Tap Edit Data in the pop-up menu of a chart. Tap in the fields to type in the data you want displayed in the chart, and then tap Done.


      Double-tap a field in a table and type in the information you want.

      Tap the Cut, Copy, or Delete buttons in the pop-up menu to take those actions.

  5. Tap and drag the element around to place it where you want.

  6. Tap the element on the sheet, and then tap the Format button (the paintbrush). Tap the tabs to see the options for changing the appearance or modifying the typeface family, size, and color of any text.

    Again, choices will be in keeping with the template theme.

    Tables have the same Table, Header, and Arrange options that they do in Numbers.

    Charts give you options for labeling the X and Y Axes and stylizing the gridlines an tick marks.

Use the Arrange feature of the Formatting tabs to properly layer overlapping elements such as a text box on a shape.