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For Seniors: View Photos on Your iPhone 4S

With its gorgeous screen, the iPhone 4S is a natural for viewing photos. The Photos app organizes your pictures into albums, using such criteria as the folder or album on your computer from which you synced the photos or whether you captured your photo using the iPhone camera. You may also have albums for images you synced from other devices through iTunes or iCloud.

The iPhone 4S supports most common photo formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.

  1. To view your albums, start by tapping the Photos app icon on the Home screen.

  2. If the Places tab is selected when the Photos app opens, tap the Albums tab.


  3. Tap an album. The photos in it are displayed.

  4. To view a photo, tap it. The picture expands.


  5. Flick your finger to the left or right to scroll through the album to look at the individual photos in it.

  6. You can tap the Albums button (which may display the currently-open album’s name) to return to the Album view.

You can place a photo on a person’s information page in Contacts.