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For Seniors: The iPhone 4S Calculator App

The Calculator app on the iPhone 4S works just about like every calculator app you’ve ever used. iPhone 4S has a Utilities folder, which you’ll find on the second Home screen. The Calculator app is tucked away here.

  1. Go to the second Home screen and locate the Utilities folder.

  2. Tap the Utilities folder to display the contents.


  3. 3.Tap the Calculator icon. The Calculator app appears.

  4. 4.Tap a few numbers and then use any of these functions and additional numbers to perform calculations:

    • +, –, x, and


      These familiar buttons add, subtract, multiply, and divide the number you’ve entered.

    • mc, m+, m-, mr: These are memory functions. You can, in order, clear memory, add a calculation into memory, deduct a calculation from memory, or retrieve the memory results.

    • +/–: If the calculator is displaying a negative result, tap this to change it to a positive result, and vice versa.

    • AC/C: This is the clear button; its name will change depending on whether you’ve entered one item or several (AC clears all; C clears just the last entry).

    • =: This button produces the result of whatever calculation you’ve entered.


If you have a scientific nature you’ll be delighted to see that if you turn your phone to a landscape orientation you get additional features that turn the basic calculator into a scientific calculator so you can play with calculations such as cosigns and tangents.