For Seniors: Take Pictures with the iPhone 4S Cameras - dummies

For Seniors: Take Pictures with the iPhone 4S Cameras

You can shoot your photos by using the built-in cameras in the iPhone 4S. iPhone’s front- and rear-facing cameras allow you to capture photos and video and share them with family and friends. The 4S iPhone sports 8mp and 1080p cameras; the iPhone 4 provides a 5mp and 720p camera.

  1. Tap the Camera app icon on the Home screen to open the app.

  2. If the Camera/Video slider setting at the bottom-right corner of the screen is shifted to the right, slide it to the left to choose the still camera rather than video.


  3. Tap the Options button, tap the On/Off button for Grid, and then tap Done.

    This turns on a grid that helps you position a subject within the grid and autofocus. If you wish, tap the HDR button as well to increase the contrast of the image you capture.

  4. Tap the Flash button in the top-left corner of the screen and tap On if your lighting is dim enough to require a flash, Off if you don’t want iPhone to use a flash, or Auto if you want to let iPhone decide for you.

  5. Move the camera around until you find a pleasing image. You can do a couple of things at this point to help you take your photo:

    • Tap the area of the grid where you want the camera to autofocus.

    • Pinch the screen to display a zoom control; drag the circle in the zoom bar to the right or left to crop the image to a smaller area.

  6. Tap the Capture button at the bottom center of the screen. You’ve just taken a picture, and it’s stored in the Photos app automatically.

    You can also use the Volume button with the plus sign on it (located on the left side of your iPhone) to capture a picture or start or stop video camera recording.

  7. Tap the Switch Camera button in the top-right corner to switch between the front camera and rear camera.

    You can then take pictures of yourself, so go ahead and click the Capture button to take another picture.

  8. To view the last photo taken, swipe to the left or tap the thumbnail of the latest image in the bottom-left corner of the screen; the Photos app opens and displays the photo.

  9. Tap the Menu button (it’s the box with an arrow coming out of it, located in the bottom-left corner of the screen) to display a menu that allows you to e-mail, or instant message the photo, assign it to a contact, use it as iPhone wallpaper, tweet it, or print it.


  10. To delete the image, with it displayed tap the Trash Can button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  11. Tap the Home button to close Photos and return to the Home screen.

    To go to the camera with the Lock screen displayed, tap the Home button twice, and a camera icon appears. Tap it and you go directly to the Camera app.

    You can use the Photo Stream feature to automatically upload photos to iCloud. The photos are then downloaded to other iOS devices that are set up to download photos. Turn on Photo Stream in iPhone Settings for Photos.