For Seniors: Sync the iPhone 4S to the Computer Using iTunes - dummies

For Seniors: Sync the iPhone 4S to the Computer Using iTunes

After you specify which content to download in iTunes, you can use the Dock Connector to USB Cable to connect your iPhone 4S and computer at any time and sync files, contacts, calendar settings, and more. You can also use the iTunes Wi-Fi Sync setting to allow cordless syncing (Tap Settings, General, iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, and then tap Sync Now to sync with a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

  1. After iTunes is downloaded to your computer and your iTunes account is set up, plug the data connection cord into your iPhone (using the wider connector).

  2. Plug the other end of the cord into a USB port on your computer.

  3. iTunes opens and shows an item for your iPhone in the Source List on the left. Your iPhone screen shows the phrase Sync in Progress.

    When the syncing is complete, the Lock screen returns on the iPhone; iTunes shows a message above the series of tabs, indicating that the iPhone sync is complete and that you can disconnect the cable. Any media you chose to transfer in your iTunes settings, and any new photos in the photos folder on your computer, have been transferred to your iPhone.