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For Seniors: Shop from Your iPhone 4S

Besides the iTunes Store, you can shop from a variety of sources from your iPhone 4S. One feature that’s missing from the iPhone is support for Flash, a format of video playback that many online video-on-demand services use.

However, many online stores that sell content such as movies and music are hurriedly adding iPhone-friendly videos to their collections, so you do have alternatives to iTunes for your choice of movies and TV shows. You can also shop for music from sources other than iTunes, such as

You can open accounts at one of these stores by using your computer or your iPhone’s Safari browser and then following the store’s instructions for purchasing and downloading content.

These stores offer iPhone-compatible video content, and more are opening all the time:

For non–iPhone-friendly formats, you can download the content on your computer and stream them to your iPhone using Air Video ($2.99) on the iPhone and Air Video Server (which is free) using your Mac or Windows computer. For more information go to About Air Video.