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For Seniors: Search E-mail on Your iPhone 4S

On your iPhone 4S, you can use the Mail app’s handy Search feature to find specific e-mails. For example, say you want to find all messages from a certain person or containing a certain word in the Subject field.

  1. With Mail open, tap the Inbox button.

  2. In the Inbox, tap in the Search field. The onscreen keyboard appears.

  3. Enter a search term or name.


  4. Tap the From, To, Subject tab to view messages that contain the search term in one of those fields, or tap the All tab to see messages in which any of these three fields contains the term. Matching e-mails are listed in the results.

You can also use the Spotlight Search feature to search for terms in the To, From, or Subject lines of mail messages.

To start a new search or go back to the full Inbox, tap the Delete icon (the circled X) on the far-right end of the Search field to delete the term or just tap the Cancel button.