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For Seniors: Schedule an iPhone 4S Reminder

One of the major features of Reminders on your iPhone 4S is to remind you of upcoming tasks. You can display various lists of reminders (these include Reminders, tasks that come from My Calendar, which is the calendar associated with any e-mail account you’ve added to and synced with your iPhone, Completed tasks, and lists you create yourself), or display reminders by date.

Schedule Reminders on iPhone 4S by time or location

  1. To set a reminder, tap a task.

  2. In the dialog that appears, tap Remind Me and, in the dialog that appears, tap the On/Off field for either the On a Day field (for a time-based reminder) or the At a Location field (for a location-based reminder) to turn it on.

  3. Tap the date field to display the settings shown.


  4. Tap and flick the day, hour, and minutes fields to scroll to the date and time for the reminder.

  5. Tap Done to save the settings for the reminder.

If you want a task to repeat with associated reminders, tap the Repeat field, and from the dialog that appears tap Every Day, Week, 2 Weeks, Month, or Year (for those annual meetings or great holiday get-togethers with the gang). Tap Done twice to save the setting.

Display Reminders on iPhone 4S as a list or by date

  1. Tap Reminders and then tap the List button. A list of reminders appears.


  2. Tap the Date tab and you see the tasks for the current date.


You can scroll the monthly calendar display to show months in the past or future, and tap any date to show its tasks in the daily list on the right. Also with the Date view shown, tap a number in the list of dates along the bottom of the screen to go to that date.

Create a list of Reminders on iPhone 4S

  1. You can create your own lists of tasks to help you keep different parts of your life organized. Tap Reminders on the Home screen to open it.

  2. Tap the List View button (the button with the three lines on it, located to the left of the List button) to display the List view, and then tap the Edit button.

  3. Tap Create New List, enter the name of the list using the onscreen keyboard, and then tap the Done button.

  4. Tap Done to save the list and return to the List view. If you tap the List View button and then the name of the list you just created, a new blank sheet appears with that title. Tap the Add button to add new tasks to the list.