For Seniors: Record, Trim, Label, and Share Voice Memos - dummies

For Seniors: Record, Trim, Label, and Share Voice Memos

On the iPhone 4S, you can record, trim, label, and share Voice Memos. This utility, available in the Utilities folder from the second Home screen, allows you to record memos, edit memos by trimming them down, share them via e-mail or instant message with iMessage, and label recordings so you find them again.

Record voice memos on the iPhone 4S

  1. In the Utilities folder, tap the Voice Memos icon.

  2. In the Voice Memo app, tap the red Record button to record a memo. (This button changes to a red Pause button when you are recording.)


  3. The top of the screen tells you that you’re in recording mode. While recording, you can tap the red Pause button to pause the recording or tap the black Stop button to stop recording.


  4. When you’re done recording, tap the List button and a list of recorded memos appears.


You can delete a memo you no longer need or want from the list of recorded memos. To do so, tap on the memo in the list you want to delete and then tap the Delete button.

Trim a voice memo on the iPhone 4S

Perhaps you repeated yourself at the beginning of your memo. If you want to cut part of a recorded memo out, you can trim it.

  1. With the list of recordings displayed, tap the arrow on the right of any recording. The recording details in display.


  2. Tap Trim Memo.

  3. In the Trim Voice Memo screen, tap on the right or left of the memo bar and drag inward to trim a portion of the recording.


  4. Tap the Trim Voice Memo button to complete the trim action. You return to the memo details dialog. Tap the Voice Memos button to return to the list of memos.

If you begin to trim a memo and change your mind, tap the Cancel button.

Label a voice memo on the iPhone 4S

It may help you find a voice memo if you label it. For example, you can label a memo as an idea, a meeting memo, or an interview.

  1. With the list of memos displayed, tap the arrow to the right of a memo to display its details.

  2. Tap the arrow on the memo information field to display the Label options.


  3. Tap a label (or tap the Custom option and create your own label) and then tap the Info button to return to the memo information screen, where you see the memo now named with the label you just gave it.


Share a voice memo on the iPhone 4S

  1. Tap a memo in the list of memos to select it.

  2. Tap the Share button.


  3. In the menu shown, tap Email to display an e-mail form or Message to display a Messages form to send an instant message with the voice memo attached.


  4. Fill in the recipient’s information, a subject if you’re sending an e-mail, and a message, and tap Send. The voice memo and your message go on their way.