For Seniors: Read Periodicals on Your iPhone 4S through Newsstand

The Newsstand app for your iPhone 4S is a central collection point for apps that allow you to preview and buy content in each publication’s store. Note that different stores offer different options for subscribing, buying issues, and organizing issues.

1Tap a periodical app that you've added to Newsstand.

A message appears, asking if you’d like to be informed of new issues. Tap OK if you would.

2Tap the Preview Issue button to take a look at a description of its content.

You also can tap the Buy button.

3In the purchase confirmation dialog that appears, tap Buy.

The issue is charged to your iTunes account.

4Tap the publication in Newsstand to view it.

You have to buy a periodical or download a free subscription preview to view it.

5In the publication that appears, use your finger to swipe left, right, up, and down to view more of the pages.

In many publications, you can tap the Sections button to view the publication’s Table of Contents. Tap on a section or article name in the Table of Contents to view and read it.