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Protect Your iPhone with a Case

Your screen isn’t the only element on the iPhone that can be damaged, so consider getting a case for it so that you can carry it around the house or around town safely. Besides providing a bit of padding if you drop the device, a case makes the iPhone less slippery in your hands, offering a better grip when working with it.

Several types of cases are available, but be sure to get one that will fit your model of iPhone. iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c have a 4″ screen, which is larger than previous models, but iPhone 6 is 4.7″ and iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5″, and some models have slightly different thicknesses. You can choose covers from manufacturers such as Griffin that come in materials ranging from leather to silicone.

Cases range from a few dollars to $70 or more for leather (with some outrageously expensive designer cases costing upward of $500). Some provide a cover for the screen and back, and others protect only the back and sides.

f you carry your iPhone around much, consider a case with a screen cover to provide better protection for the screen or use a screen overlay, such as InvisibleShield from Zagg. If you’re the literary type, try the BookBook case that looks like a well-worn leather book.