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For Seniors: Play Games against Yourself or Friends on iPhone 4S

Many games available through the Game Center app on your iPhone 4S allow you to play a game all on your own; others let you invite friends to be your opponents.

Each game has different rules and goals, so you’ll have to study a game’s instructions and help to learn how to play it, but here’s some general information about games you can play against yourself:

  • Often a game can be played in two modes: with others or in a solitaire version, where you play yourself or the computer.

  • Many games you may be familiar with in the offline world, such as Carcassonne or Scrabble, have online versions. For these, you already know the rules of play, so you simply need to figure out the execution.

    For example, in the online Carcassonne solitaire game, you tap to place a tile on the board, tap the placed tile to rotate it, and tap the check mark to complete your turn and reveal another tile.

  • All the games you play on your own record your scores in Game Center so you can see how you’re progressing in building your skills.

After you have added a friend and both of you have downloaded the same games, you’re ready to play. The rules of play are different for each game, but here are the basic steps for getting a game going.

  1. Tap the Game Center app icon on the Home screen and sign in, if necessary.

  2. Tap Friends. The Friend page appears.


  3. Tap the name of the friend you want to play and then tap the name of a game you have in common.

    At this point, some games offer you an invitation to send to the friend — if so, wait for your friend to respond, which he does by tapping Accept or Decline on his device.

  4. The game should appear, and you can tap Play to start playing according to whatever rules the game has. Your scores mount up as you play.

  5. When you’re done playing, tap either Friend or Game in Game Center to see your score and your friend’s score listed.

    Game Center tracks your achievements, including points and perks that you’ve earned along the way. You can also compare your gaming achievements to those of top-ranking players across the Internet — and check your friends’ scores by displaying the Friends page and then tapping the Points tab near the top of the screen.

If your friends aren’t available, you can play a game by tapping its title on the Games page and then tapping Play. You can then compare your scores with others around the world who have also played the game recently.