For Seniors: Open Mail and Read Messages on Your iPhone 4S - dummies

For Seniors: Open Mail and Read Messages on Your iPhone 4S

You can use any e-mail or messaging program, including iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or Windows Live Hotmail, from your iPhone 4S to open and read messages.

  1. Tap the Mail app icon, located in the Dock on the Home screen. A red circle on the icon indicates the number of unread e-mails in your Inbox.


  2. In the Mail app, tap the Mailboxes button to display your inbox and folders. Tap the inbox whose contents you want to display.


  3. Tap a message to read it. It opens.


  4. If you need to scroll to see the entire message, just place your finger on the screen and flick upward to scroll down. You can also swipe right while reading a message to open the Inbox list of messages, and then swipe left to hide the list.

You can tap the Hide button (top-right corner of the message) to hide the address details (the To field) so that more of the message appears on your screen. To reveal the field again, tap the Details button (which becomes the Hide button when details are displayed).

E-mail messages you haven’t read are marked with a blue circle in your Inbox. After you read a message, the blue circle disappears. You can mark a read message as unread, to help remind you to read it again later.

With a message open and details about it displayed, tap the Mark link on the right side and then tap Mark as Unread. To flag a message, which places a little flag next to it in your inbox, helping you to spot items of more importance or to read again, tap Mark and then tap Flag.

To escape your e-mail now and then (or to avoid having messages retrieved while you’re at a public Wi-Fi hotspot), you can stop retrieval of e-mail by using the Fetch New Data control of Mail in iPhone Settings.