For Seniors: Open an Account in Game Center on iPhone 4S - dummies

For Seniors: Open an Account in Game Center on iPhone 4S

Using the Game Center app on your iPhone 4S, you can search for and buy games, add friends with whom you can play those games, and keep records of your scores for posterity. From the Home screen, tap the Game Center icon

If you’ve never used Game Center, you’re asked whether to allow push notifications: If you want to receive these notices alerting you that your friends want to play a game with you, tap OK. You should, however, be aware that push notifications can drain your iPhone’s battery.

  1. On the Game Center opening screen, tap Create New Account.


  2. If the correct country isn’t listed in the New Account dialog, tap in the Location field and select another location. If the correct location is already showing, tap Next to confirm it.

  3. In the next dialog you see, tap the Month, Day, and Year fields, enter your date of birth, and then tap Next.

  4. In the Game Center Terms & Conditions dialog, swipe to scroll down (and read) the conditions, and then tap Agree if you want to continue creating your account. A confirmation dialog appears; tap Agree once more to accept for real!

  5. In the next dialog that opens, tap each field and enter your name, e-mail address, and password information. Tap the Next button above the onscreen keyboard to move to the next field.

  6. Tap the Question field to select a security question to identify yourself, and tap the Answer field and type in an answer to the question.

    Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this dialog and choose to turn off the e-mail notification subscription if you don’t want to have Game Center send you messages. Tap Next to proceed, and then sign into your account.

When you first register for Game Center, if you use an e-mail address other than the one associated with your Apple ID, you may have to create a new Apple ID and verify it using an e-mail message that’s sent to your e-mail address.