For Seniors: Navigate among Web Pages on Your iPhone 4S - dummies

For Seniors: Navigate among Web Pages on Your iPhone 4S

You can go online with your iPhone 4S and navigate among web pages. You use the built-in browser, Safari, to go from page to page. Here’s how:

  1. Tap in the Address field. The onscreen keyboard appears.


  2. To clear the field, press the Delete key on the keyboard. Enter a web address; for example, you can go to Wiley.

  3. Tap the Go key on the keyboard. The website appears.


    • If, for some reason, a page doesn’t display, tap the Reload icon at the right end of the Address field.


    • If Safari is loading a web page and you change your mind about viewing the page, you can tap the Stop icon (the X), which appears at the right end of the Address field during this process, to stop loading the page.


  4. Tap the Previous arrow to go backward to the last page you displayed.


  5. Tap the Next arrow to go forward to the page you just backed up from.

  6. To follow a link to another web page, tap the link with your finger. To view the destination web address of the link before you tap it, just touch and hold the link; a menu appears that displays the address at the top.


By default, AutoFill is turned on in iPhone, causing entries you make in fields such as the Address field to automatically display possible matching entries. You can turn off AutoFill by using iPhone Safari Settings.